Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Snow-Bweem-Go-Dum" Happy New Year!

Hey everybody!

So we are writing real quick before we buy our groceries and go home for the night since prolly won't be open tomorrow. I will now give a typical grandma (babushka) blessing: I desire for you: health, happiness, a handsome husband and many children, everything good, but most important health. Yea ...that's what they say every time 8) and it still gives me warm-fuzzies. Hey ...better than them yelling at us and calling us "sektantee" (a sect).

Anywho, this past year has been amazing with all that I have experienced and learned. It's crazy to think that this whole past year was spent in RUSSIA speaking and working with the Russian people in furthering this great work -crazy. Things that I (ok ...really God) has managed to accomplish this year: I now understand and can speak Russian. I am bold when I talk to people on the streets or at the doors and no longer fear them or their rejections. I have matured as far as my taste buds go; now liking most if not all vegetables (fresh and cooked) and nuts, and soups of all kinds. Mostly only my immediate family would understand how big this is.

Um... what else....I have learned how to read maps and find my way in a new area, learn names of a bunch of people quickly (a.k.a. branch members) and have learned the joy that comes when we give ourselves to a better cause and trust in the Lord and see the miracles that result. I'm so grateful for my time here in Russia. It has literally FLOWN by and I cannot believe how little remains but am excited to continue to develop the talents and qualities that I have gained here and never become complacent with where I am. I have also learned the amazing art and necessity of goal setting and reaching. It's amazing how much I could have already achieved if I had mastered this principle earlier but I'm glad that I've mastered it and appreciate the Lord's role in being able to do this.

I'm so grateful for all the letters, packages, and even prayers and good thoughts that have been offered in my behalf. They have not gone unanswered. I feel all of your love and support so strongly and know that the Lord has continually supported me thanks to your prayers and well wishes. I love you all so much and am trying really hard to finish strong and continue this great work any way I can in my every day life.

I hope you all have a great New Year and take time to remember all of the amazing blessings that you enjoy (the biggest being the knowledge of the restored gospel!) and how the Lord has helped you this past year and how we can make ourselves worthy to receive the same if not better blessings in this upcoming year and help others enjoy them as well.

Cectpa Richards

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