Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hey! welcome to my missionary blog. So this is it!! I have one more day at home and then i'm on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah where I'll enter the MTC (missionary training center) for the next three months learning how to teach the gospel and learning russian. Just so you all know how this will, so while i'm actually out in the field I'll be writing emails-i'm assuming only to my immediate family but am not sure as far as who i can receive them from so it depends, but mom will post my emails on to this blog rather than forwarding them all to a million people (ok let's face it...5...). But My mom will post my mailing address incase you wanna actually send me snailmail and if it's allowed in my mission than she'll also post my email address for you all if you wanna contact me that way. I'll try to make shout outs in my emails to everyone and or answer questions etc from any mail you send me, but hopefully i'll be able to write you all individually but ya never know. um...yea...i don't have adresses memorized etc so once you write me from the info my mom posts i'll be sure to write back etc.

it's so crazy cause it really doesn't feel real-yikes! I get set apart tomorrow morning so that's why i'm doing all the technology stuff now. I love you all and know that it really is very comforting to know I have all of your support and love-and again thanks for the amAzing camera! I'll put it to good use I promise, just don't expect pictures of top secret army bases or anything...that could get messy.

well i gave my farewell talk today and sang in sacrement and it wasn't bad at all-it's crazy to think i could be doing that stuff in russian infront of russians who will know if i'm saying it right or not....try not to think about it 8) all things to laugh at later in life i suppose.

well, i'm off. be sure to check here once in awhile to see what is new or for any contact info on my part-thanks so much!
cectpa Richards