Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a very, merry Christmas!

Hey guys,

Sorry -it'll be real quick since I'll talk to you all later on. MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's always SOOOO weird on the mish -especially since they don't celebrate the 25th, but it was good all the same. We went over to the senior couples house and had a great big breakfast and watched the polar express. Sister Maxfield gave me a new winter hat/beanie, and a green scarf since my packages hadn't come in (don't ask me, don't know but no biggie-) Zone conference is next week and if not then, shrug, my comp will love it all when it comes -I don't care) and now we'll prolly go look at some Cd's and work a few hours and then it's your call!

Thanks for all your love and letters etc. -I hope you all have a great Christmas and really strengthen your gratitude and love of the Savior. Also, hehe (as far as I'm planning on -I'll still be around Houston in April so that's a big YES! for the Les Mes tickets -it's only my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!)

I love you all, you can get the commentary rundown of our phone convo from mom I guess 8)

Cectpa Richards


Just a thought... said...

The phone call was amazing! I'll write more about it later on. I'll just say Whitney's Russian sounded incredible. Hard to believe she will be home in 3 weeks! I can't wait!! Merry Cristmas to everyone. Have a fun and safe holiday.

Mom Richards

amanda said...

oh my goodness, 3 weeks