Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Change is in the air


Well this past week brought some interesting turns of events. Namely being that Sister Fourtina (my comp) was asked to go to Taganrog to help the sisters there run English club because the elders that should be there are serving as place holders for companionships who have a companion stuck in Sweden due to visa problems. So she will be there for 1-2 weeks and Sister King who was in a threesome up in Volgograd came down to be with me. When Sister Fourtina comes back we'll finish up the transfer as a threesome. It should be interesting seeing as we have the tiniest apartment of all the sisters and basically the whole mission. Never a dull moment here in the mission.

So the temperatures have dropped quite a bit and in the day it tends to be really cool and nice but the second the sun starts going down which now is around six thirty/sevenish it gets down right nippy. But I hear that it's worse up in Volgograd -already wearing their winter coats ( 9 degrees cel.), is that Sister G (an old comp of mine who is up in Volgograd and supposed to go home in December) was asked to go home early ...1/2 for the sake of keeping numbers even among the sisters and 1/2 cause of obedience/work problems. So with that happening Sister King is convinced I will receive a transfer to Volgograd. But there are two other possible sisters that could receive transfers there: Fourtina will get a transfer either way -been here 6 months in Rostov, or Sister Pico (I realize that all of this is hard to follow for you, not knowing or caring about these people, but it's always fun to try and figure out what will happen -kinda like march madness on a small scale). So anyways we'll see.... I do and don't want to end the mission in Volgograd. I don't because it's going to be a harsh winter by the looks of it and it's known as a really hard area to work in, but then again I would enjoy being somewhere new and having that long bus ride back to Rostov at the end of it all to think/contemplate etc. and have some alone time... so I guess we'll see what happens.

It should also be interesting to see how extensions work out with all of this cause unless it's really necessary it seems that they will rarely happen etc. That's why I was curious if president said anything to dad through their emails back and forth.

The work is picking up a little bit now. We're off to a good start this week and have already found someone to teach. She's really great and listened when we talked and we made a point to testify more and start/end with prayer and it was a way good lesson. Afterwards she talked about how she felt so good with us/warm etc. and of course we pointed out that, that was the Holy Ghost. I just hope she reads and feels the same feelings and makes a connection. She wants to come to church and has Sundays off and lives nearby the church which are all GREAT signs. We have couple of other investigators right now that aren't as promising but it will be interesting to see the different feel that Sister King will add to the lessons/bringing her own experiences etc.

I love my mission. I really do and I want everyone who's reading this right now to know that. It's hard. It stretches me, most times to the point where it's not so comfortable but ALWAYS without fail I'm grateful for it after the fact. I've seen a lot, heard a lot, learned a lot and I realize that all these things have added to who I am and the knowledge that I'm gaining right now through these experiences makes me feel....deeper. Sometimes (ok so most of the times) it's hard to see my imperfections and inadequacies so glaringly apparent but I've also learned how that's no excuse to stop trying or continuing to progress baby step by baby step. I don't know....I just love this gospel so much and it's really hard to put into words how I feel about it, to articulate these feelings but I prolly still need to ponder on it and continue to let it soak in. Either way....I've gained deeper appreciation and realization of the patience and mercy of the Lord and the possibilities that are opened to us when we give all of ourselves, give what he asks. It really is real -and I love the frequent re-realizations I have of this.

Happy birthday again mom and dad -glad to hear that all had a great time. Sargent Richards?! Weird....what's left that's higher than that? I'm just thinking of the increasing authority that he's getting...scary....haha, jk. I'll salute you when I see you next ok? Keep it up! ...and hey, this lowly private would like to hear from you. Whenever you get back from the kids' drop me a line or 2 or 20 8)

Well I love you all and I can't believe that it's already October especially since the holidays FLY by on the mission and I know that I only have 2-3 transfers left after this one (aaaahhhh!) Just won't think about it I guess. For being in a mission full of crazy, unpredictable changes I still don't like the big ones.

Well, take care
Cectpa Richards

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Just a thought... said...

I've been busy the past couple of days putting together and mailing Halloween, Thanksgiving (should have gotten an earlier start on those since mail takes several months to get to Russia!) and Christmas packages to send to Whitney. I will probably mail 1 or 2 more Christmas packages in the next week or so.

If any of you would like to send me any letters, pictures,audio tapes, etc. for Whitney be sure to send them as soon as possible and I will tuck them into one of her packages. I would love to be able to surprise her with a nice little bundle of love from family and friends back home.

Mail c/o
Mom Richards
16 Oakmere Place
Sugar Land, TX 77479

For anyone who is interested I am also putting together Christmas packages for Whitney's older brother Sargeant Richards and the other soldiers he works with in Iraq. If any of you would like to donate items for this cause just mail them to the same address with the label:
Operation: Christmas in Iraq

Items that would be so appreciated:
letters and cards of encouragement and appreciation (these could be emailed too and I will print them out: Current- gently used paper back books that are motivational, uplifting, suspense, political or spy novels etc. Irish Spring Aloe bar soap, Old Spice Red Zone bar deodorant, Head & Shoulders intensive care
shampoo,tinactin athlete's foot spray or powder, Taste of Thai-different flavors-it's like a bigger version of cup of noodles in the asian food section of most grocery stores. Magazines like- Motor Trend and Car & Driver. packages of gum, candy (it gets pretty cold in the winter and they have air conditioned trailers so things won't melt. Hand lotion, chap stick/lip balm, just what ever you think they might like. Everything will be helpful and very appreciated. Thanks again and Happy Halloween!

P.S. I have more time for this project since mail gets to Baghdad in less than a week. I will start mailing everything at the end of November.