Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whitney's arrival at Bush Intercontinental Airport

Whitney asked me to post some of the pictures and videos we took at the airport as a closing post to her mission blog. It's hard to believe that she has already been home for 10 days! The time has gone by so fast. It sounds like she had an amazing time in Russia, Estonia, Prague and Madrid. She will be speaking in church tomorrow so we are looking forward to hearing more about her experiences. It will be fun to have Sara and Justin here for the day too.

Welcome Home Whitney!!!

Whitney's younger brother Stephen waiting to say hello
It won't be long now!
(You know you are in Houston ...check out the cow in the space suit, waving the Texas flag -just to our right. LOL!!!)

The guys are getting restless ...looks like they are planning to rush the gate!
It's just a matter of time.
While we were waiting, a Russian passenger come up to us and grabbed the sign and turned it around to see what it said. She was really excited and started speaking to us in Russian. We could only smile and say, "Nyett!"

And's Whit!
Rostov, to Moscow, then Atlanta, and on to Houston. Yeah! Her luggage made it without getting lost.
Home sweet home~

She'll be busy for the next few weeks catching up on all of the videos, books and letters that have been piling up on her desk while she was gone.

She said that she is going through culture shock in reverse. Her bedroom at home is bigger than most of the entire apartments she's lived in for the past 14 months in Russia! I was sad that we forgot to get pictures of the yard sign in the front yard and the heart decorations but take my word for it ...they were great!

Thanks for all of the letters, pictures, prayers and packages that you sent for Whitney. She really appreciated your love and support and so did I. Take care and keep in touch. This is:
Mama Richards logging out!

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